Who is behind Guiatges Manx?

Maria Rosa SUÑÉ NAVARRO hides behind Guiatges Manx, better known as Rosa, she is a passionate of the culture, the nature, the animals, the sports, and everything about of her small country, the Principality of Andorra.

For this reason, it makes almost a quarter of century, she has developed tasks destined to attend to the public in general and to promote the country of the Pyrenees.

More than twenty years ago, she put her skills at the service of the Three Crosses’ Chemist of Andorra la Vella, making a huge variety of tasks, like to sell that aspirin to whom did not pass through his/her best day, to listen to that one, what only needed five minutes of attention as a remedy, to facilitate to the tourists the products that, in their countries of origin, they did not find or duplicate their price, and all this, with the best of her smiles.

Afterwards, she made an important incursion in the world of the king of the sports in Andorra, what the ski is. Her daily activities developed in the pioneering station of this speciality, that of Pas de la Casa is, were facilitating every type of ski passes and giving information to people of all ages, moreover she could enjoy one of her major passions, from the early seventies, what is the ski.

Two months before the present Century, the 21rst. Century, the fortune corresponded on her door and she was required from the Ministry of the Culture of the MI Government of Andorra. There, almost during a decade, she could be formed more thoroughly different courses in everything concerned to our history, language and traditions, to make guidance and accompaniment, on the different Museums and Monuments, to all kind of visitors: to students, to retired people, and to local and foreign authorities .

To correlate fluently with visitors, Rosa dominates various languages, one of them the official one, the Catalan, and how not the French and the Spanish, to pick up the inquests of our neighbours, the Andorran neighbours from France and Spain and the English to internationalize the service.

All this, has brought her to create this touristic and company of leisure called Guiatges Manx, to discover the four sides of Andorra, with the most important visitor, what you and yours are for her.

And… to give the visitor better service, Rosa has carried out the Basic Course of Prevention of Work Risks and has renewed her License of First Helps.

Thus, all to enjoy safer itineraries!!!