Who is behind Guiatges Manx?

Maria Rosa SUÑÉ NAVARRO behind Guiatges Manx, better known as Rosa, is passionate about Andorra’s Culture, it’s nature and animals, its sports, and all that our small Principality has to offer.

For almost a quarter of century she has been developing her people skills and learning ways of promoting Andorra to visitors.

Starting over twenty years ago at the Three Crosses chemist in Andorra la Vella, with a variety of tasks – from sellimng aspirins to somebody off-colour, to landing an ear to another in need of attention, or advising about products either unavailaible in their own country or just overpriced – all this with the best of her smiles.

She then followed by turning to the King of Sports in Andorra, which is skiing . Working out the pioneering station in Pas de la Casa, she dealt with ski passes while dispensing all manner of information to customers of all ages and at free time indulging in her own passion for skiing.

Just before the turn of the last century she was fortunate to be called to the Ministery of Culture. There for almost a decade she was immersed in Andorran history, language and traditions, working as a Guide to our Museums and Monuments for all kinds of visitors from students to CAPS and to local and foreign officials.

Apart from Catalan (the official language of Andorra) Rosa speaks French and Spanish to facilitate contacts with our neighbours as well as English to extend her services internationally.

It is thus that the company Guiatges Manx came into bring in order to explore the four corners of Andorra at leisure by you, our valuable customers.

And…to ensure our best services ever, Rosa was attended work safety and security course and has a valid First Aid Certificate.

Rosa, the owner of Guiatges Manx, obtained the Official Certificate of “Tourist Informant”, through the Course INFOR02, organized by the Andorran Government, on november 2018. It was the official recognition of her work as a Cultural and Tourist Guide.

So, all aboard!

Enjoy our tours!

Delight in our sights!


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